Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Trumpeter 1/144 F-22A Raptor wip no.03

Another update on the raptor

well for the seam line at the bottom of the wing seem like i have no choice but to cover it up ... from real plane reference there isn't any lines ... so no excuse as trying to make it as panel line  :P

enuf chatting and enjoy the pic …

remove the flesh line at the inner side air intake


cover up the seam line and hole .... then sand and re scribble back the panel line


prime the whole thing


test fitting the side missile hatch


insert a brass rod to the missile and connect it launching arm


current overall


for the smoke effect im still not sure weather to use cotton or bondite ( epoxy putty )… maybe i’ll do both then compare XD …

well that’s all for now

all C&C are welcome

till then…

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