Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Trumpeter 1/144 F-22A Raptor wip no.04

here is another fast update ...

time for air brushing ....


1st off start out with pre-shade with black on the panel line and some hollow area ...


u’ll notice there is a hole at the bottom of the plane … the hole there is for placing a yellow-sub ball joint for the stand

2nd shade with a dark Grey ...


3rd shade with normal grey


next the raptor’s camo with dark grey again using free hand on the camo XD ...


masked the whole plane for spraying the light grey strips at the edge


after removing the masking this is what u get ...


the stand ... please ignore the base for now ... will be changing to another shape maybe the raptor’s logo .... XD


close up on the joints 


what’s left is :

  • the metal color at the thruster
  • the white at the missile bay
  • gloss coat
  • dark grey panel line wash
  • decal
  • another gloss coat
  • last with flat coat

after all that’s done then only will move to the missile ...

so hope the next update will be the last  XD

that's all for now
all C&C are welcome
till then ...

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