Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Trumpeter 1/144 F-22A Raptor

XD … finally finish editing the pic … been busy for the past few days that’s why posting the finish pic has been delaying…

well … all i have to say, it is been very fun experience for building my first plane kit… indeed bit diff from building gunpla or mecha kit … but the basic is still very much the same.

for weather i’ll be building more plane in the future … ^^”  … well we’ll see XD

enuf chat here what u been waiting for … enjoy ~



some close up


the base


last a high res pic …. XD


well that’s all for the raptor

all C&C are welcome

till then ~~

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howardkhor said...

hi zero1st, thx for the comment on ZERO-G, sry can't comment on this trumpeter, coz never done aircraft b4, hehe, but i would like to ask how u guys do the little banner on the complete work section? pls guide ^^, my MSN: hkbspm@gmail.com