Saturday, January 10, 2009

Trumpeter 1/144 F-22A Raptor wip no.05

well think this would be my last update for the raptor
btw i have to apologies for some skipping on this time progress pic ... wanted to finish it fast ... so if u see some sudden fast forward progress just go along with it 

enuf chat here's the pic ... enjoy ~


minor detail air brushing, gloss coat, decal, panel line wash, and flat coat done !!


some close up

the thruster ... got some screw up on the pattern there ... but wont notice right   :sweat:

minor detail and decal

the side missile bay

and finally the tinting canopy ... not showing it earlier is because I've polish it so dun wan to show it b4 i have flat coat the entire plane ...

the missile

well it was very interesting for me cause of 1st time doing the smoke effect ... I've done 2 type of it 1 is just bondite to create the smoke another 1 is using cotton ...
here is the result

smoke effect with cotton

smoke effect with bondite

fitting it to the raptor



well in my opinion bondite is much more easy to handle then cotton ... but cotton look more real for the smoke effect ....

after painting it with smoke black, clear yellow, and clear range

so in the end I'm going with the cotton smoke effect ... :sweat:



the stand

I've decide only using the bird head only as the logo ... so if i mess up the shape pls ignore it  :sweat:  :D  ... the logo use 0.5 mm pla plate and the circle base use 1 mm pla plate .... the rod using 5 mm pla rod .... then air brushing with steel color then a layer coat of future ...

placing it in side a casing to prevent dust while waiting it to dry ....

so that's all ... after the base is dry then everything is finish ... well maybe I'll polish it a bit b4 taking the finishing pic ...

will be taking the finish pic tomorrow
thanks for reading
all C&C are welcome
till then ...

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2010 said...

Hi Shermen,

WOW, the finish work looks so nice! Well done, man.

i just purchased two boxes of the Trumpeter 1/144 kit and am doing research over the internet before coming across your website. Thanks for the steps and photos; they are very helpful.

Will visit your blog often. Look forward to your next post! Best of wishes.